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Tesla Model Y 21" Überturbine Rim Case (Set of 4)

Tesla Model Y 21" Überturbine Rim Case (Set of 4)

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Tired of curb rash on your Tesla rims?

The EV Auto RimCase effortlessly shields your wheels from dreaded curb rash while parking, driving, or navigating drive-thrus. Our custom-engineered Rim Case blends seamlessly with your wheels for an undetectable, sleek appearance. Equip your wheels with the EV Auto Rim Case in mere minutes – no tools or experience needed. The RimCase defends your wheels and cleverly conceals existing damage, making them look brand new. Damaged a section of your RimCase? Simply replace the affected part and restore your wheel's flawless look without breaking the bank. Drive confidently and stress-free knowing your wheels are safe with the RimCase. It's the ultimate DIY solution for enhancing and maintaining your Tesla wheels.  



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